Favorite Groups:  The Rambo's, Happy Goodman Family, Kingsman, Collingsworth Family and the Issacs 

Favorite Songs: God Is Faithful and I Give You Jesus

Favorite Bible Verse: Exodus 15:2.

The Lord is my strenght and song and he become my salvation.

Hobbies: Playing piano, singing and writing songs

Favorite Part About Traveling: Fellowship with different church assemblies and -seeing souls saved to the kingdom of God!!!  

Email: sopsing@yahoo.com

Elaine Hathcock

I sang many years with my sisters and daughter. A family gospel group called Four Heart Harmony. A preachers daughter with pentecostal roots. Strong beliefs in the power of prayer and dedicated to my Lord and Savior.


Recently our family lost our sister due to covid complications. A great loss to our family and ministry. After many miles of traveling our group decided to retire but the memories and recordings carry on for years to come, I was blessed to travel with my family for many years but most of all to see souls saved to the kingdom of God.!


The Horrell Family welcomed us with open arms. We knew this was a door that only God could have opened up for us. As a husband-wife ministry team of many years together we look forward to the next chapter with The Horrell Family, Just to see what God has in store for the ministry is going to be so exciting.


I'm a musician, songwriter and vocalist that loves to minister for Gods glory. I have a testimony about healing that only God could have given. I look forward to sharing my testimony in the upcoming events with each and everyone.


May God be in the midst of every song performed and many souls saved to the kingdom of God.